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Oregon Landlord Insurance

Landlord Insurance

When you decide to rent out a home you own, you take on added risks. If you manage several rental properties, that risk grows. Valley Insurance understands the importance of the income you earn from your rental properties as well as your passion for property management. Let us help you find affordable, effective rental property coverage and landlord insurance.

Coverage for Your Rental Property

Insuring rental property is more complex than insuring your primary dwelling with a homeowners policy. Rental home insurance covers the building you own and certain liability issues. Your tenants need to carry a separate renters policy to cover their possessions kept in the home and to provide them with personal liability coverage.

The experienced professionals at Valley Insurance will help you determine the amount of rental home coverage you need to protect your rental property without paying for costly redundancies. We’ll take the time to get to know you and write a customized policy to address your concerns. Protection for Yourself

Landlords and property managers have a number of risks that need to be protected against. Valley Insurance works with top providers to offer great rates on landlord liability insurance. These policies can be customized to meet your insurance needs, and the policies we write generally include protection in the event of:

  • Personal injury suits
  • Wrongful eviction charges
  • Wrongful entry suits
  • Slander and libel suits
  • Land lords personal property
  • Loss of rental income

To learn more, contact Valley Insurance today. We look forward to protecting you and your rental property. Call during regular business hours for more information.